Oliver Queen


Real name: Oliver Queen
Codename: Green Arrow.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 44.
Character Alignment: Good.
Occupation: Bum/Vigilantee.
Position: Defender of the Defenseless, Hero of the Hopeless


Green Arrow has no meta-human powers or abilities.

Combat Skills:

Archery: A skill that Ollie has advanced to the point it nearly equals a superpower. Oliver Queen is without doubt the best archer in the world. He can hit any target in perfect conditions 99 of the time. His aim is also pretty good in not so perfect conditions such in windy weather, hanging on a rope or while being shot at. He can even shoot using his toes or mouth to draw back the bow string or make reflected shots, bouncing his arrows off something else.

Martial Arts/Brawling: Oliver has picked up some martial arts training from Dinah, but he doesn't follow a discipline like Dinah follows Judo. Oliver is what might be called a "heart fighter". That is, when he does fight, he lets rage and adrenaline carry him and not a complex fighting plan involving various maneuvers. Ollie's fighting style is best described as a highly evolved form of brawling. When in a fight, Ollie just throws himself into it and just starts punching and kicking until everyone else is down or he is. Unlike most heroes, Ollie is not above fighting dirty when his life is on the line. Kicking a guy in the nuts may not be fair, but neither is the world. He's nowhere near good enough to compete with Dinah (she's beaten him easily every time they did fight physically) or most of the other heroes who make that Martial Arts their main focus (i.e.: Connor Hawke, Batman, The Question). He is however good enough to take out your average street thug without too much effort.

Physical Atrtributes

Oliver is in excellent health for a man in his late-40's and exercises daily. In most regards, he has the body of a man fifteen years younger, despite all the toll that years of physical exertion as a hero has had on him. He has a high level of endurance due to his combat training and experience. He could easily run a marathon and finish in a reasonable time. He has a high threshold for pain due to the tortures he suffered while being held by drug dealers in Seattle and can function well while being discomforted. He is reasonably strong for a man his age, able to throw a 225 pound man over his shoulder.

His combat reflexes are extremely fast, Oliver being able to take an arrow from a back quiver, notch it, aim and fire it in five seconds flat. While not being an acrobat in any sense of the word and not being anywhere nearly as agile as Nightwing, Ollie is no slouch in the speed department. He can easily run across the rooftops and keep up and keep pace with Batman or Black Canary.

Oliver is above average in base intelligence. Not quite a genius, but he's pretty damn smart. He is very quick-witted and cunning and has an uncanny ability to think of a solution at the last possible second.

Ollie does have a few vices: He's always been a bit of a drinker (blame that Scot/Irish heritage) and he does indulge himself with a drink or two when he can afford it. He's also a recovering ex-piper smoker. He also isn't eating all that often (well, he is homeless) and when he does, it's usually fast food. Despite this, Ollie is still a peak human athlete.


Wealth: At this point, Ollie is all but literally stuck with nothing but the clothes on his back. Well, he does still have that ATM card hooked up to a Swiss Bank account where some of that missing Iran-Contra money went... but he mostly uses that to help other people, not provide for himself... except for buying arrows.

Techs: All Ollie has tech wise is the one set of clothes on his back, a duffel bag that holds his old compact bow and some fine steel-tipped, California ash shaft arrows. No boxing glove arrows for this boyo.

Contacts: Ollie has contacts with most of the major superheroes of America, through the JLA. But at this point, most of them are downright useless to him. He has good friendships with Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Batman and the Atom. He was close to Connor Hawke, Eddie Fryers and Roy Harper. And Dinah... well, God only KNOWS how things stand there. Through Eddie, Ollie has ties to most any government or mercenary group you could find... but as was said, being on his own right now... most of Ollie's contacts would be useless, being made of people who wouldn't give Ollie help if he asked and people he never would ask for help....


Chemistry: Oliver Queen does have a pretty good grasp of chemistry: enough that he was able to design a "quick freezing" compound arrow back in the good old days.

Inventing: Oliver Queen is an accomplished inventor, having developed several uniquely styled trick-arrows by himself.

Business: Oliver has a deep grasp of business techniques, financial sciences, management skills, etc.

Politics: Oliver keeps tabs on the news and is familiar with the ideas behind politics & how political action committees are run.

Survival: Thanks to the time he spent shipwrecked, Oliver has learned how to survive on his own in the wilderness. He can spot a variety of dangerous animals (like various snakes) and poisonous plants in the wild. He can also construct crude shelters.

Tracking: A skill built up on the island while shipwrecked, Oliver became very skilled at tracking animals by their tracks and other small signs indicating movement. This skill also lends itself to urban areas, where Oliver is one of the greatest manhunters working today.

Medical Skills: Out of necessity, Oliver has become very skilled at binding minor wounds, making splints and other minor medical skills.

Disguise/Actor: At first, Oliver was clean shaven when he started his career and used spirit gum and fake hair to glue on a fake beard. Since then, he has grown a real goatee and mustache, but he still has the skills to disguise himself somewhat should he go undercover. And while he's no Harrison Ford, he is a good enough liar to be a good actor.

Flight: Ollie had a commercial pilot's license, which has long since expired. Still, between the old Arrowplane to his time driving the JLA flight jet to what he picked up from talking with Hal, Ollie can manage to keep most aircraft up.

Botany: Well, he's not quite as skilled as Dinah, but living with a florist for a few years and working as a delivery man for one have given Ollie a pretty good sense of how to tell one plant from another. Enough to know what berries not to eat in the wilderness and what leaves not to use as toilet paper.

Cary Elwes

Cary Elwes (pictured left) is what I picture Ollie looking and sounding like if he were real. Why? Well, he's blond, has that strong jaw, looks quite dashing with a goatee and he has the same smug smirk.

The fact that he's a trained swashbuckler, is a practicing archer and fencer in his spare time don't hurt either. In fact, he played Robin Hood in the Mel Brooks move Robin Hood: Men In Tights and showed that he can balance heroics along with a little bit of light-hearted silliness.

Role-Playing Logs

ga1.txt - Newly returned to Gotham, Ollie meets Huntress.

ga2.txt - Ollie has a brief rooftop meeting with Catwoman.

ga3.txt - Oliver and Dinah have dinner and a long overdue talk.

ga4.txt - Ollie takes an injured Dinah home after a fight with Robots and Ninjas (don't ask).

ga5.txt - Scarface and the Ventriloquist are punishing a disloyal henchman when Ollie and Batman show up...

ga6.txt - Batman and Ollie have a talk about Ollie's staying in Gotham.

ga7.txt - Dinah and Ollie have yet another akward conversation (What is with these two?).

ga8.txt - Ollie pays a visit to Roy in Metropolis.

ga9.txt - Oliver gets recruited (along with Talia Al Ghul) to help Dinah on a mission in far Asia.

ga10.txt - Oliver and Dinah talk again and Ollie finds a place to stay besides his dark alley.

ga14.txt - Oliver and Connor talk for the first time in months. Dinah shows up as well.

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